CS548x/9x Evaluation Tools

CRD5490 Reference Design


The CRD5490-Z is plug meter reference design based on the CS5490 energy measurement device. Plug one side in to a wall outlet, and plug any load into the universal connector on the other side, and within seconds, you can read calculated energy measurements on your PC via USB. The CRD5490-Z integrates an efficient and compact power supply, voltage and current sensors, and low-cost USB MCU. This compact, complete power monitoring system integrates easily in any design evaluation. The CRD5490-Z was designed with a graphical user interface (GUI) for power measurements and calibration execution. A full-featured GUI is provided to access real time line voltage, load current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, and temperature. The software provides full access and control of the CS5490 calibration and configuration without having to learn specialized commands.

Reference Design GUI Software

Reference Design Datasheet

CDB5484/80/90 Evaluation Boards


The CDB5484/80/90U boards are designed to evaluate the functionality and performance of the CS5484/80/90 energy measurement IC family. Shunt resistors, current transformers or Rogowski coils can be connected to the analog inputs. Intuitive GUI software provides easy and full access to the on-board CS5484/80/90 device and MCU. On-board LEDs and LCD displays enable stand alone operation for extended testing. These CDBs enable fast and easy preliminary evaluation of Cirrus Logic's AFE products.

Evaluation GUI Software

Evaluation Board Datasheets


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